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article_1( ); first_post_ever.txt

every great writer creates his stories with something unique, something that is completely and utterly his own, which mirrors the very essence of his personality and reflects that back into his writings.
to have an astonishing creative mind, to come up with unbelievable ideas from even every little sub_genre and to still have that one distinctive factor that makes all of those stories truly your own and adds that extra bit of flavor on top:
for many authors that is the highest of all the wonderous skills in their craft, and for that it is also relatively scarce. there are only a handful of people who reportedly achieved this stage of lyrical finesse and refinement. i am one of those people, well i'm going to be one, someday ...

so this is it, my first blog post ever. as i stated on the home.html page earlier, i am going to document my journey here. until now you have probably noticed that i kind of like writing. i like the process of it, but to be honest it's mostly because i like the sound of my own voice in my head reading all those sentences i'm writing, while i am writing them.
sounds stupid? well yeah, but believe me it's fun, you should try it.