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hello_world( );

hello there and welcome to the official lostboy site. my name is luca and i will use this mighty internet magic as a tool for the greater good. just kidding, it's mostly gonna be a lot of random stuff here, a great amount of rants over there and some files to download, too.
sounds fun? you think so? what is wrong with you mate?

there is not much to say about me personally, except that i am an intern at a german tech_company right now and that my ultimate goal (other than becoming rich and famous) is to eventually study cyber_security (i should work on my jokes as well). this site will, starting today, document this whole journey into the giant rabbit hole we call world_wide_web.

new content in form of articles_( ); will be posted under the section "blog" and my daily stuff will be available under "logs".
new sections will be added in time and maybe a few interactive features, but for that to work i would first have to figure out how ...

why do i even bother?
the navigation on this site is pretty self explanatory and if you have never seen the matrix movies press alt_f4 ... enjoy