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                       MM                                              6P          YA      
 .gP"Ya  `7MMpMMMb.  mmMMmm  `7Mb,od8 `7M'   `MF'         pd*"*b.     6M'          `Mb  gp 
,M'   Yb   MM    MM    MM      MM' "'   VA   ,V          (O)   j8     MN            8M  "" 
8M""""""   MM    MM    MM      MM        VA ,V               ,;j9     MN            8M     
YM.    ,   MM    MM    MM      MM         VVV             ,-='        YM.          ,M9  ,, 
 `Mbmmd' .JMML  JMML.  `Mbmo .JMML.       ,V             Ammmmmmm      Mb          dM   dg 
                                         ,V                             Yq.      .pY    ,j 
                                      OOb"       mmmmmmm                  ``    ''     ,'  

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entry_2( ); 24.02.2021_log.txt

captain's log, stardate 2021.02. we ran into complications with a few of our hosts.

lostboy left the chat ...

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